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I have lost access to my RAID0 or RAID5 volume
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Problem description
If RAID cohesion is lost (if the disks in the RAID can only be accessed individually), the data on the RAID will not be accessible. If re-establishing the RAID is not possible (and usually that's the case; repairing a RAID can "initialize" the disks and data would be lost), iRecover can be used to copy the data from the RAID disks. iRecover is capable of determining RAID parameters on the fly and can then copy the data from the RAID disks to safety.

Please note: if the RAID is still functional but data on the RAID is not accessible, the problem lies in the volumes on the RAID. In that case you may be able to repair things (DiskPatch) or copy files from the RAID to safety (iRecover).

Application Method Ease of use Time required More Information
iRecover Copy data to safety the program automatically looks for RAID details, no user input is required depending on the situation and the size of the disks, scanning may take a while Product details
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