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I need a file back that has been deleted
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Problem description
When a file is deleted it is not immediately destroyed; the space that the file occupies is marked as free space (to be used again for other files) but the contents of the deleted file are still on the disk. Therefore it is possible to undelete a file, but speed is of the essence: the operating system may re-use the space that is occupied by the deleted file and when that happens, the data is gone.
if you need to undelete files from a drive that is normally submitted to heavy use (like a system volume), you may want to consider purchasing the license immediately and skipping the use of the trial version (or any 3rd party trial versions, for that matter). Not wasting time and only installing software that actually helps the situation will increase your chances of success dramatically. Remember, if the program doesn't help you we will refund, though it will obviously never hurt to have an undeleter ready for use at any time.

Please note: if other additional problems exist (such as hardware problems, volume corruption, or read errors) you should use iRecover.

Application Method Ease of use Time required More Information
iUndelete Copy data to safety undelete only, but very easy to use. the perfect recycle bin companion scanning for deleted files is fast Product details
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