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My Operating System does not start
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Problem description
Many things may cause this particular problem.
It could be a problem in the hard disk's MBR, in which case DiskPatch will offer help.
There could also be problems with the volume that contains the operating system, in which case the follow up action depends on what you wish to achieve: if you wish to attempt a repair (if possible) use DiskPatch, if you wish to copy files from the volume to safety use iRecover.
Finally, the hard disk itself may be the problem; the hardware may be failing. In that case use DiskPatch to attempt a repair (or clone) or use iRecover to copy files to safety.

DiskPatch quickstart guides can be found here.

We can help you diagnose this problem, read more here.

Application Method Ease of use Time required More Information
DiskPatch Analysis, In-place repairs depending on the problem, some user input may be required in-place repairs (when possible) are usually quite fast Product details
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iRecover Copy data to safety
iRecover is equipped to handle bad disks/read errors
depending on the problem, some user input may be required scanning the disk or volume may take a while, especially if the disk is in bad shape Product details
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