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'Unformat' type recovery
A volume may become inaccessible after it was formatted or has become unformatted for whatever other reason. Windows may complain the volume does not contain a file system and may ask if 'you want to format it now?' (if you have lost data, answer NO). Disk management may label the volume as RAW of unformatted. Chkdsk may state 'the type of file system is RAW'.

Do not write to the volume. Recover the data as quickly as possible. If the cause of the data loss is unknown you should exclude the possibilty that the disk is physically damaged and examine the SMART info.
Download and run iRecover
Download and unzip iRecover in a safe location (not the drive you are recovering data from). Start iRecover and click Data Recovery for Windows and Linux [1].

Select Datarecovery for Windows and Linux

Select the partition to recover data from
Select the partition [2]  to recover data from and click NEXT [3]. Use the values in the capacity column to identify the partition.

Select volume to unformat

This step requires no user input.

Automatic file system analysis (file system type, cluster size etc.)

Select files
Select files and folder by clicking checkboxes [4] and click NEXT [5]. You can have iRecover automatically select multiple files by using file name and extension masks, size and dates. For example, '*.jpg' will select and mark all JPG files in the current and underlying folders.

Note that in trial mode you can only select a limited number of checkboxes.

Select files to be recovered

Copy files
Select a destination folder [6] and click Start Copying [7].

Copy files from corrupt, formatted or RAW partition

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