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iRecover Partition Recovery Software
In this guide we explain how to do partition recovery due to for axample a corrupt MBR using iRecover. Note that iRecover does not repair the partition table!
Get and run iRecover Partition Recovery Software
Download and unzip iRecover in a safe location (not the drive you are recovering data from). Start iRecover and click Data Recovery for Windows and Linux [1].

partition recovery start

Run partiton scan
Select the physical device [2] you want to scan for the lost partition, then click 'More Functions' [3] and select 'Scan for missing partitions' [4].

Select device to scan for lost partitions

Progress scan for missing partitions
This is automatic. You can wait for the window wo close, or you can stop the scan once the missing partition is located. Found partitions are automatically added to the Disks and Partitions list.

Progress deleted partition scan

Select the partition
Select the partition [5] and click NEXT [6].

Select lost partition to recover data

Analysis (automatic)
This step requires no user input. Grab a cup of coffee.

Scan deleted partition for files

Select files and folders
Select files and folder by clicking checkboxes [7] and click NEXT [8]. You can have iRecover automatically select multiple files by using file name and extension masks, size and dates.

Note that in trial mode you can only select a limited number of checkboxes.

Select files to recover from lost partition

Copy files
Select a destination folder [9] and click Start Copying [10].

Copy files from lost partition

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