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iRecover NAS Data Recovery Software
Through support of the EXT en XFS file systems, and md-raid configurations as commonly used in NAS devices, iRecover is capable of data recovery from NAS disks and NAS RAID arrays. Popular NAS devices are manufactured by QNAP, NETGEAR, Synology, WD MyBook and LaCie.

As iRecover needs direct access to disks involved, so they need to be taken out of the NAS device and attached to a PC on which you run Windows and iRecover. There are many Youtube guides available that can assist you in disassembling your NAS. NAS devices are typically prepared for swapping out disks. The availability of SATA ports on a typical PC may be more problematic.  Label disks and bays when you take them out of the NAS so you can put them back if required.

Even in In case of severely damaged NAS RAID arrays iRecover can help, however you may need to resort to the RAID recovery procedure.

Download and run iRecover
Download and unzip iRecover in a safe location. Start iRecover and click Data Recovery for Windows and Linux [1].

Select Data recovery for Windows and Linux

Select a NAS volume
From the section labeled 'Software RAIDs' in the 'Disks and Partitions' list select the largest RAID (which usually contains user data) [2]. On the right side of the screen iRecover displays detailed information on the selected item. Click NEXT [3] to continue.

If the RAID is severly damaged, it may not be displayed. Yoy will then need to try RAID Recovery mode.

Select the largest NAS volume

Partition Analysis
This step requires no user input. Grab a cup of coffee.

NAS volume Analysis

Select files and folders
Select files and folders for recovery [4]. Click NEXT [5].

Select files to recover from NAS

Copy files
Select a destination folder [6] and click Start Copying [7].

Copy recovered data from NAS

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