A bit more about saving log-, undo- and report files


What if I don't have a floppy drive?
The two simplest ways to run DiskPatch are using a bootable diskette or using a bootable USB stick. Both are provided by the DiskPatch installation, look here for more information.
If for some reason you must use a bootable CD/DVD you can't save any log- and undo files. You can remedy this by using a USB key for the files. Simply download and install the HP USB key formatter and format a USB key with it. Make sure to select FAT32 as the volume type.
Please note, do not use the Windows standard format tools for this, the USB key needs to be formatted in a special way and this is all handled by the HP USB key formatter. After having prepared the USB key make sure it is connected before starting from the DiskPatch bootable CD/DVD. DiskPatch (and the other tools on the CD/DVD) will detect that files can not be saved to the CD/DVD and will ask you to select another location for the files. Select the USB key when asked.
Note that the USB key may receive "C" as a drive letter. Do not be alarmed, this is normal: If no volumes are detected by the DOS version that is running when starting from the CD/DVD, the first available letter will be given to the USB drive, which would be "C". This has no effect whatsoever on your hard disk or its problems. To help you select the right disk (if more are listed) look at the size of the disks listed; pick the one that has a size that corresponds to the size of the USB key.
How to disable logging
There are situations where logging actions and/or problems is not desired. For instance, when you are cloning a particularly bad disk it's not convenient to have DiskPatch log each read error: the log location may run out of storage space, the log will be cluttered with useless read error notifications, and logging itself slows down the procedure. For cloning it is possible to change some settings so that logging is reduced, but (depending on the situation or the state of the disk) sometimes you may wish to disable logging altogether. This can be achieved by entering a command line parameter when starting DiskPatch ("dp.exe /FIL"), or by selecting the option "Force select files location prompt" from the "DiskPatch options (troubleshooting)" menu. This menu is displayed when starting the PC from the DiskPatch bootable CD or disk.
If you start DiskPatch using either of these methods you will be asked to select a (different) location for DiskPatch's files, or to disable file saving completely. Please note that if you select "Disable file saving", logging will be disabled for the current session only. If you exit and restart DiskPatch logging will be enabled again, unless you choose to disable it by using one of the methods described above.

In general it is best to have DiskPatch save its logs and files: if logging is disabled, so is creating undo files. So only disable file saving if you are sure that it is beneficial to your particular situation.