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How to initiate a support request (contact information)

If you didn't receive your registration information...

Order status lookup, purchase order information etc.

Our refund policy

Why are our downloads not signed?

Current versions of DIY DataRecovery products

How to initiate a support request (contact information)

Support is handled through our Support Forum. The following rules apply:

  • Include a thorough description of the actions that led to the problem. If you can, describe briefly what you think caused the problem.
  • Include a description of the running OS (Windows 9x / ME / NT / 200X / XP / Vista / Win7/8 or OS/2 or Linux etc.), including version information, Service Pack levels and the file-system (FAT, NTFS, etc.) in use.
  • When you are dealing with MBR, partition table and boot sector related issues, please create a DiskPatch SUPPORT ANALYSIS LOGFILE. Typical symptoms of such issues are entire drives and partitions that can't be accessed. If you have already performed repairs, include the DiskPatch log file(s) in the support request.
  • Include relevant information such as descriptions of symptoms and actual (error) messages that are displayed when trying to access the data, file system etc. If you have lost partitions, describe the partitions as they were before the problems occurred.
  • When relevant, include hardware information (internal/external controller, array information etc.) if you think it has any bearing on the problem at hand.
  • We do not send attachments to free email accounts! If for any reason we need to send zipped executables, you must provide us with an email address capable of receiving zipped attachments larger than 1 Mb.

If you prefer email you can send your support request to DIY DataRecovery support.

If your support request concerns DiskPatch:
If you have already performed a repair but need additional assistance, please include the contents of the most relevant log file. In general this will be the most recent log file (DP.LOG), but it may also be an older log file if you have restarted DiskPatch.
Please do not include irrelevant information or files (such as the state files or old log files) unless we specifically ask for them.

Downloading and using the DiskPatch Trial version, posting the log file and asking for our recommendations is all free of charge.

Download DiskPatch here.

If you didn't receive your registration information...
Usually the registration email(s) are sent within minutes after purchase, but there are situations were the registration email does not reach the customer. Delays can be caused by the commerce provider (MyCommerce in our case) when they decide that a purchase needs to be analyzed further. For instance, when a free email address (Hotmail, Yahoo mail etc.) is used for the registration, there is a chance that the purchase verification will take a bit longer. Please understand that this is beyond our control; contact MyCommerce if you have questions about this.

Another well known cause for emails not reaching the customer is spam filters. In most cases were we received emails asking us why the registration emails are not sent after the purchase verification had completed, the problem could be traced back to spam filters: the mail was sent but rejected on the side of the customer.

Finally (and this should be obvious but if you count the number of problems we have seen with this it apparently is not): make sure you type your email address correctly.

Order status lookup, purchase order information etc.
To re-issue a serial number we require a proof of purchase. The order number (not the serial number or license key) is accepted as a proof of purchase.

STEP 1: Find your order details here.

STEP 2: Submit your request for resending a lost serial number to DIY DataRecovery support.
Make sure to include the order number!


If you selected the MyCommerce Registration Backup Service during your purchase visit MyCommerce and check 'Support', then 'Shopper Support'.

The Registration Backup Service is offered by MyCommerce during the purchase of software products which require the use of a registration code or key for full access. With this service, MyCommerce retains a backup copy of your registration code, for a period of one year, should you need it again in the event of loss, a computer crash, virus, etc.

Our refund policy
If the product you purchased has not been able to help you, or if you are otherwise dissatisfied with its performance, we will refund your order.

Please note that a refund is unconditional, but we do have some requests:

We would like to be given the opportunity to help you.

We've seen it all, and if you run into problems with your purchase there's a good chance we will be able to assist you. And even if we can't help you, it would help us to know why. Please describe your situation clearly. Tell us what happened, what didn't happen, or what you expected to happen.

Please stay polite.

We understand your frustration if things do not go the way you want them to go, but starting a shouting match will not solve the problem. Remember, our main goal is to give you access to your data again, not to create all sorts of problems: we all want the same thing.

License and usage of the purchased program expire when accepting the refund.

Once you have accepted the refund you are no longer allowed to use the program, with the exception of trial modes and freeware modes/applications. We expect you to delete your license details and remove the program from your system and software library.

Please avoid using charge-backs or credit card billing dispute actions.

That is not the way to handle the matter. Always contact us first, not the credit card payment provider.

Other generic conditions are:
  • All bundle- and discount sales (sales that include multiple programs for a reduced price) are excluded from the refund policy: no refunds will be given for any product that was purchased as part of a (discount) bundle.
  • You must request the refund within 10 days after the purchase date.
  • You will be refunded in the currency that was used for the payment.
  • Refunds may take a few days to show up on your credit card statement or other payment related statement, please be patient.
  • We require the order number to perform the refund. Make sure we have the correct information when requesting the refund.
  • We only handle the refunding of the product purchase; additional services (such as extended download service or shipping of physical media) are not handled by us. You will need to contact MyCommerce (our e-commerce provider) for information regarding the refunding of service purchases.

Remember: all our products are available as trial versions; make sure to try before you buy.

Regardless of the outcome, we appreciate your business and respectfully thank you for choosing and using our products.

Why are our downloads not signed?
The signing of downloads is a mechanism designed to ensure that downloads are 'safe'.

We consider download signing to be useless for the following reason: Anyone can purchase a certificate which can then be used to sign downloads, no questions asked. That would include people with bad intentions. As such signed downloads offer no real additional security, which renders the concept useless. In addition, for smaller companies (such as DIY DataRecovery.nl) it is very difficult (and costly) to obtain a license to sign your software. The irony of this does not escape us, and therefore we do not support signing.

DIY DataRecovery guarantees that all downloads offered on this website are safe and free of malware!
You can verify that the download has not been tampered with by checking the SHA hash values, look at the downloads page for more information.

We suggest you always verify any software you download using a virus- and spyware scanner. If you do not have a virus scanner installed you can use an online scanner, but this is no substitute for a locally installed on-access scanner.

Current versions of DIY DataRecovery products
Check the release announcements here.

Version numbering:

To identify versions of our software we use the VRM numbering method. This means that the number consists of a Version number, a Release number and a Modification number.

  • The Version number (v.r.m) changes when major functional changes to the program are introduced.
  • The Release number (v.r.m.) changes when minor functional changes and/or major corrective changes to the program are introduced.
  • The Modification number (v.r.m) changes when minor and/or major corrective changes to the program are introduced.
Product: Version: Status: Update procedure: Download:
iRecover 6.1.000 available (re-)install the software. If required enter your registration key again. Link
DiskPatch 4.0.300 available Install the demo and upgrade this to the full version using the instructions received at the time of the purchase. Link
iUndelete 2.0.000 available Install the latest version (full version download link is issued after purchase, link here points to demo version). Link
MBRtool 2.3.200 freeware Install the latest version. Link
iRescue 3.3.200 discontinued Install the demo and upgrade this to the full version using the instructions received at the time of the purchase. Link
CHK-Mate 1.0.114 discontinued Install the latest version (license info is included). Link

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