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 DiskPatch - Repair, Analyze or Clone your disk

DiskPatch is a data recovery utility that recovers data by repairing corrupt disk structures, like the partition tables or boot sectors, on the disk. These problems can make entire disks inaccessible and are the most common issues that prevent you from accessing an entire disk or partition.

DiskPatch will fix common problems like:

  • A corrupt MBR (Master Boot Record)

  • A corrupt partition table

  • Accidentally deleted partitions (partition undelete)

  • Corrupt boot sectors (common cause for a RAW or unformatted partition)

  • Bad sectors. Run a surface scan and force the disk to reallocate bad sectors (bad sector repair)

DiskPatch can also clone a disk that is beyond repair (when having too many bad sectors).

DiskPatch runs from a self-starting diskette, USB device or CD/DVD so you can boot your PC and use DiskPatch even if Windows fails to start. 

Download and install DiskPatch and run the included boot disk builder to create a bootable device.

IT WORKED :-)))))))))))))) 

Which planet do you come from? I'm so happy... I can't thank you enough. You are a pro... I mean... support with answers within minutes. And the confident and insight you deliver. This is the best money I ever spend... where can I pay more? If you want... you can have the extra 1014GB that I had a few minutes ago ;-) If fact my children and wife are even more happy... all our digital pictures are back... and I have already started making a backup. Good night and thanks a million.

- Thomas Jespersen

Hello I just recovered all of my data using diskpatch and I'm really happy with it! It was so easy to do and the results: I got my complete hard disk back with the to me so familiar directories! It's just awesome, check it out for yourself. In my opinion this piece of software is not only useful for "home and private applications" but you should use it at the office or for other business, it is really great!

So thank you DIY! 

Edo den Bakker, The Netherlands


Will DiskPatch do the trick?
If you lost access to an entire disk or drive while the physical disk is still detected in the BIOS, you will often be able to regain access to your data by making in-place repairs using DiskPatch. Since its introduction, thousands of people have used DiskPatch to successfully recover countless gigabytes of data.

Using the demo, you can create a support log file. Submit this log file to us, include a short problem description, and you will receive an honest and detailed answer to the question whether DiskPatch will be able to help you or not.

If DiskPatch fails to repair your hard disk, and if our support can't get it sorted out, we will refund your purchase.
Failing Disks? Clone them while you still can!
DiskPatch offers a powerful disk clone feature that allows you to clone disks even when 'conventional' disk cloning software fails because of disk read errors or logical errors.

The disk cloning feature is designed with troubled disks in mind; it will not give up because time-outs occur or because sectors are 'bad'.

If a sector can not be read, intelligent algorithms will determine if it is useful to re-read the sector or if it is better to just move on and save time; with some error types it's almost certain that the data in the sector is lost. Unlike other data recovery cloning software, DiskPatch will not waste time on these sectors.
Hard disk maintenance and bad sector repair
With DiskPatch you can scan the entire disk or a selected partition's surface for read errors. Scanning the surface of a modern hard disk triggers the disk's internal error management and will re-map bad sectors when they are encountered; hard disks are equipped with a pool of so called 'spares' that can replace a bad sector.

The non-destructive surface test can be used instead of hard disk vendor specific diagnostic tools: these tools usually destroy the data. The DiskPatch surface scan will leave the data safe.
Disk editing or patching
Disk editing (or 'patching') is the process of directly altering the disk's contents. With the built-in disk editor power users and professionals can view and edit every sector on a hard disk in HEX or ASCII mode, save/restore one or more sectors to/from a binary file, and more.

Partition tables and FAT, FAT32 and NTFS boot sectors can be viewed, interpreted and edited through easy to use templates.

Significant sectors found during the disk scan can be located, selected, viewed and edited using the disk editor.

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DiskPatch disk repair screenshots

In-place repairs

Most data recovery tools copy data to another drive. 

DiskPatch uses a different approach and tries to correct corrupt structures on the disk itself, allowing you to access your data again.

Safety first!

DiskPatch saves Undo information during all automated repairs. You can revert the changes if the repair was unsuccessful, and try again.

If you wish, approach this like a professional: Clone a disk before starting repairs, you will have a 'safety net' if things don't work out.

Or clone a disk if it shows read problems or has other health issues.
Non destructive
During a surface scan DiskPatch reads each sector and detects read problems. When a problem is found a repair is performed based on settings you can customize.

Note: When a sector's contents can not be read at all the sector's data should be considered lost.

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